How do I grow my business and online shop in 2020?

grow my online shop
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How do I grow my business and online shop in 2020?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made face-to-face transactions impossible, prompting many companies – big and small – to move more of their services online. If you run an online store, here are a few ways to stay ahead of your competition in the unique climate of 2020.

Keep Your Existing Customers Happy

When you think about ‘growing’ your business, it can be easy to immediately focus on acquiring new customers, on breaching hitherto untapped areas of the market. But hang on! Having a strong customer retention strategy serves as the bedrock of steady, reliable growth.

You have great products, and whenever great products are available, you get loyal customers – people who trust your service and keep coming back. By cleverly using the data in your ecommerce website design system, you can devise numerous ways to improve the user experience of the regular visitors to your online shop.

Repeat customers, after all, generally buy more products from your shop than first-timers and are more likely to tell their friends about how great you are. By zeroing in on these people, as opposed to an unknown market, your online shop receives a sturdy platform from which to thrive.

Write Unique Descriptions

Descriptions can be the making or breaking of your products. Even if you have brilliant things to offer, descriptions that are too technical, poorly written, or half-hearted have an unconscious negative impact on the customer. They are not pulled in, only giving your product 50% of their attention, and will probably keep scrolling to another site.

After all, it is important to remember that, in this godforsaken year of 2020, people do not like to read all that much. If anything, people actively don’t want to read something that doesn’t immediately grab their attention and retain it until the very end. And so, more than ever, focusing hard on your product descriptions can be pivotal to whether an item is purchased.

A good place to start with product descriptions is short, snappy sentences, written in a clear and outspoken language that people can easily resonate with. You don’t want to be too technical; nor do you want to be completely emotional. Working on finding the right balance between the two, producing copy that is slick and impactful, would transform how many people engage with your online shop.

Use Digital Products

Many businesses, from hotels to airports, have been forced to dramatically reduce their output of services due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but as an online shop, you can actually grow the number of products available to your customers without spending extra money through digital downloads.

By using your ecommerce website design system to attach digital products to your items – PDFs containing instructions, interactive videos, spreadsheets for people to fill in, etc. – the customer receives something extra for nothing, which is always a nice feeling. They are compelled to feel more engaged with the product that you have sold.

At a time when we are physically separated, brilliant digital content can really bring people together. With ideavision’s new digital downloads feature, your online shop can stand out from the rest by incorporating a wide range of downloadable products that will make customers feel more connected to your brand.

Personalise Your Service

Connecting with others is more important than ever before. And as an online store, you want to do everything possible to give your customer the feeling that they are interacting with a real store and real people. You may not have an intimate relationship with your customers, but there are many ways in which you can learn more about them.

For one thing, click-based data can serve as the basis for developing new products and marketing campaigns that speak to the preferences of your customers. Including an FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section as part of your ecommerce website design, one based in serious research, is also a fantastic way to answer the immediate questions that your customers may have.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Product recommendations, for instance, are grounded in that user’s experience on your website and encourages them to keep clicking. More specialised custom fields – such as clothing sizes, different colours, and much more – can also make a big difference. There are so many ways to give your customers a more personal touch. Don’t let your competitors beat you to the punch. 

Use Brilliant Images

Perhaps you have owned an online store for a year or so, with your product pictures remaining the same throughout this period. To you, the pictures may seem just fine, but there could be many simple ways in which to drastically improve them by making use of our ecommerce website design system.

You have great products, but the absence of great accompanying pictures will, subconsciously, create a negative impression in the mind of a casual customer. At a time when camera technology seems to be growing exponentially in its sophistication, it is sensible to treat the quality of your pictures very seriously.

Once you have brilliant, highly professional images of your products, repeat customers will be wowed by the upgrade, while first-time visitors will much more likely to click further and engage with the product. Now, I hate clichés, but when Fred R. Bernard said that a picture was worth a thousand words, he was making an important point. Customers in 2020, whether they know it or not, care deeply about the quality of your images. And so should you.

Improve Your Shop

Are you a small business owner who doesn’t like their current online shop? Do you want to upgrade your current website to an online shop, but don’t know where to start? If so, ideavision has you covered. 

We understand that, as a business owner running an online store, every last detail needs to be exactly right. You need a website that is fast, beautiful and personalised to the unique character of your business. 

Our brilliant team of designers and writers work closely with you to determine the precise needs of your business, keeping you in the loop throughout and producing a stunning bespoke website design that works for your business. 

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